Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arctic Freeze

Finally the arctic temperature is supposed to let up somewhat tomorrow. The high is predicted at 23 degrees ( a regular heat wave). However we are supposed to get a lot of snow. Give me the snow over the below zero temperatures any day. My drive time to school each day this past week and a half has turned into an hour and a half to two hours anyway. Even though we haven't had much snow, the little we did have turned into icy conditions with the cold temperatures.

Our superintendent said she wouldn't cancel school unless it was minus 18 so Thursday even though a lot of other schools were off, including the district I live in , off to school I went. Our building has glass windows and doors at the end of each wing so with the wind the classrooms at the end of the wings(the ones I'm in) are freezing. I wore a zip up front sweatshirt over my sweater!! On Friday it was even colder and school was called off.
I could see God's hand in this. Friday my husband was to go into the hospital for some minor outpatient surgery and needed someone to drive him because of the anesthesia. Since my son doesn't have classes on Friday he was going to take his dad. I normally would have taken a personal day but because it was the last day 0f midterms and of the grading period, I had to have all grades posted by Tuesday 8:00 am. That meant I would have to pick up the completed midterms Friday and because of the timing of my husband being released and the long drive to school that would have been impossible. Thankfully with school being called off I was able to be there.
Actually I love winter just not the bitter cold. The city I teach in is in the snowbelt and normally gets a lot of snow. A couple years ago we had vey little snow up through January, neither here or in Niagara Falls, NY where my older son was in college. One day in January it started snowing about midmorning and didn't quit. My son called me to let me know it was snowing there and I told him it was snowing here as well. He was disappointed because he thought he was going to be the first to have snow. After school I called him to tell him I had just scraped about 3 inches of snow off of my car but actually enjoyed it because it was the first time this season. He said he did too and felt the same way. I then said we probably should keep this conversation to ourselves or somebody might have us committed!!!

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