Monday, July 6, 2009

Where Does the Time Go

I had promised myself that once school was out I would blog on a regular basis. When school was out I only had a week before I started a graduate class. That class was for 2 weeks, every day, Monday through Friday. I knew when class started that time would be limited.
I mulled over what to write. Now, being a left brain, math type, I've always found writing difficult. I can do bullet point, outline type writing but essay, creative writing has never been my strong point. Always wished that I was creative but alas!!! So time passed and no blogging.
Then I had dinner with a good friend several weeks ago and I explained my predicament to her. What do I write about? Something profound, informative, some tidbit that happens that maybe only interests me? Should it be long or short? How often? She said, you know it's your blog do what you want. Good advice!!
Tomorrow I am having knee replacement surgery but as soon as I'm able I'll write about whatever strikes my fancy. Maybe a little or maybe a lot!!
I can have a computer in the hospital but my brain may still be a bit fuzzy. Might be a good idea to just read my favorite blogs for a bit!!